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Why choose custom wedding dresses?

18th July 2018Karol Bonneville

Each of us has three stages in our life. Wedding is a very important ceremony for us to enter the second life. The most important thing for girls is the one around them, the second is your wedding dress, this is all of you. The dream wedding began to look forward to.

Girls from childhood will fantasize about some beautiful things, flowers, princess dresses, crystal shoes, wedding dresses… They have long been dreams, and choosing a wedding dress should be part of realizing their dreams.

What is the charm of hand-made weddings?

Many brides are willing to collect wedding dresses, not only for the meaning of her heritage, but also the memory she brings. Maybe many years later, when you see her, you can clearly remember everything about the wedding, and even the process of testing the yarn can be remembered.
You can take her to your child and say, “Look, this is the custom wedding dress that my mother used to. For my sake, I have been working out for a long time. When I put on the wedding dress, your father is watching!”

The process of customizing a wedding dress, from design, pattern making, sewing to final completion, often takes a month.

After determining the style of the wedding dress or dress, the experienced wedding consultant will measure the data for up to 20 parts for the customer. For custom clothing, the data is crucial, and the typewriter will use the data in the prototype. On the basis of Taiwan, we will create a dedicated platform for our customers. All the post-order work will be carried out on the exclusive platform to ensure the perfect fit with the human body. The tailored clothing can play to a certain extent. Modify the effect of the human body.
The hand-stitched wedding dress, the cut from the first knife, the design of the first flower pattern, the first stitch to start the process of its birth is yours, it is to carry your happiness Born, every custom wedding dress is printed with the name of the bride, which means that you are the owner of it forever, and it also means that the craftsmen will sew a blessing into the wedding dress.

Is it a good choice to rent a wedding dress with limited budget?

VeraDress is basically customized, but some models are available for rental, which is mainly determined by the degree of vulnerability of fabrics and processes. It is recommended that the bride give her the best and most wanted wedding dress within her abilities.

In general, there will be an overall budget in the wedding. The bride can change the overall quantity of the wedding dress by changing the number of wedding dresses or dresses, instead of reducing the quality of the wedding dress itself. Out-of-door yarn, welcome yarn, and toast clothing are all in close contact with the guests, so it is not just for taking pictures to see the style.

There are also some brides who tend to rent. The most memorable story is a wedding that she told her to attend. In the toasting session, the bride’s dress has been falling off the beads (because it is a large pellet of beads, it can fall to see To), so leasing or customizing mainly depends on the willingness of newcomers. If you rent, you should also choose a size that fits well.

Is it necessary to wear a star with the same paragraph?

VeraDress dresses are especially favored by the stars, often wearing them to attend some dinner ceremonies, etc. Are these cases valuable for customers?

When the activities we participate in have certain similarities with the stars, we can refer to the wearing and matching of stars similar to your temperament, such as some important dinners, annual meetings and so on.

But more important than the reference star, you still have to choose the one that suits you. Choosing a dress according to your own preferences, body, skin color, temperament, and occasions will be more accurate than direct reference to the star. As for whether the wedding should refer to the star, I think that everyone wants a wedding is not the same, first look at what you want, some amateur wedding dress can also be a reference for others.

What are the recommendations for wedding fabrics?

Are there any suggestions for the fabric of the wedding dress? And which wedding style is not too easy to make mistakes?
Basically, each wedding dress will not use the same fabric as a whole, and this is the case with only satin wedding dresses.
Lace itself has some retro elements. When combined with other fabrics or crafts, it can achieve different visual effects. It can be sweet, elegant and sexy. You can choose the specific style according to the effect you want.

The satin wedding dress will give a more dignified and solemn feeling, and there are many kinds of satin, and the effect of each weight and gloss is different. If you like satin, but there will be small flesh on the body, it is recommended to choose hard satin, such as Shuanggong Taisi, minimalist, while modifying the shape, stiff and shaped.

I suggest that the bride chooses the wedding dress not necessarily by fabric alone, but can choose the combination of her body characteristics to be more accurate.

Which style is not easy to make mistakes, we would recommend brides to choose princess yarn, princess yarns generally contain fish bones, have the effect of waist, the waist line is high, will make the bride’s overall proportions look better.

If you have some small flesh on your arm, it is recommended to add a shoulder design that emphasizes the beauty of the woman’s shoulder and neck. It makes people unconsciously want to stretch their shoulders and modify it to some extent. Arm line.

How do you pick a wedding dress?

There are a lot of girls who choose wedding dresses, especially how to choose a wedding dress for girls who have no direction.

When choosing a wedding dress, there is a bit of a relationship with falling in love. It is also about “eyes”, “fit” and “comfort”. So the first step in choosing a wedding dress is to pick out the favorite style first, then choose the one that suits you best from the style and wear it most comfortable.

There are also brides who have chosen to be very satisfied when choosing a wedding dress, but still hold the idea that “maybe a wedding dress will be better”, but in fact, the one that falls in love with the first sight is the most suitable for you. Trying too much will forget the initial feelings, and it will be very tangled, killing a lot of energy. After all, there are many tedious things in the preparation of the wedding. It is better to relax and let everything happen naturally.

What are some touching suggestions?

The definition of happiness is very simple. What kind of moving pictures have you met?
I remember a girl coming to the store to try the yarn. Her fiancé helped her make an appointment, but the man just held a foreign book outside the room and waited quietly for the girl to test the yarn for two hours because he knew the wedding first look. The meaning, he set aside enough space for the girl.

The girl enjoys the current state in the whole process of testing the yarn. She knows the style she likes and knows that no matter what kind of wedding dress she chooses, she will get the praise of her fiancé and relatives. Wearing a favorite wedding dress, imagining the wedding picture, the favorite person is waiting outside quietly, everything is beautiful. When the test yarn is finished, the bride would like to pick up the favorite wedding dress, can’t wait to go out and share the joy with her fiancé, and finally talked with a smile and left happily. I think this kind of picture, I will always remember, happiness is sometimes so simple.

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