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What are the major categories of wedding dresses? Which type is my body suitable for?

12th September 2018Karol Bonneville

Currently, the most popular styles in the world are A, H and fishtail, which are very beneficial for designers to express their own elegant concept.

The sphere has almost been completely abandoned, sad, after all, the sphere is the ancestor of the wedding, her other name is the princess type, as the name suggests is the princess dress, the classic movie is never strange.

1, let’s talk about the difference between type A and sphere. These two are the most confusing. Many brides can’t tell, who makes them look too much. The contour of the skirt of the A-type wedding dress is that the slope of the straight line is drooping, and when the external skirt is added, it becomes a spherical shape, the outline is like a balloon, and the arc is smooth.

So whether there is a skirt is the key to the difference between the two.

Nowadays, there will be no skirts for wedding dresses in the world. The large skirts that you see are very unkempt and sleek. They are all layered with layers of fabric. The weight of this wedding model says that 20 pounds are not excessive.

Frankly speaking, the A-shape and the spherical shape are the least picking styles. No matter which type of body you are, tall and thin can be worn well. Waist thick? Thick legs? The proportion of the lower body is not coordinated enough? No problem!

And the A type is also divided into large A, medium A, small A, and then with different fabrics, collar, sleeve length, waist line height, tailing, the room for choice is really very large. This is also my strong recommendation. Most brides start with this version, which is absolutely correct.

2, then say H-type, this is a bit high on the body requirements, first you must be tall enough, at least 170cm, the body should be evenly proportioned, not too wide shoulders or too wide ankles.

This style of wedding dress, the brides of some countries rarely choose, because the grandeur can not rise.

Internationally, this version of the wedding dress is more like an upgraded version of the dress, who would want to wear a dress to get married? However, Americans and French people choose more and pursue random beauty.

3, finally talk about the fishtail skirt, this body requirements are even higher, first of all you can not be short, at least 165cm, waist is thin, ass is big, chest is better, perfect and standard hourglass figure .

This is a very challenging style, why do you say that?

Because the layout is not good, just the design of the hem stitching line, I have seen many unsatisfactory failure cases, and some of them are too tight, causing the bride not to start, to fall a few steps, to fail; some are closed Too loose, causing the fishtail to be inconspicuous, not to mention aesthetics, failure; and the position is lower, living to pull the 170cm bride into a small short leg, the proportion is out of balance, failure.

Needless to say, the waist line is not good, the hip line transition is natural, and so on.

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