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Wedding Dress Purchase Guide

5th March 2018Karol Bonneville

1. Selected period
Before choosing a dress, you must determine the season, exact time, location and style of the wedding. The dress should be in harmony with the style of the wedding. If your wedding is a very fashionable wedding, you can choose to walk in the wedding dress at the front of the trend; if it is a traditional ceremony, choose a classical and grand dress must be right; if you are holding a wedding in the country or garden, the dress should choose the right one. Light and lively style for outdoor wear.

2. Do your homework
Collect some pictures of your favorite dresses in advance, and make a mark to mark the styles and shapes you like, especially the details such as the neckline and waistline. When you talk to a dress consultant or designer, remember to bring your picture, which will help you express your thoughts and opinions more clearly.

3. Do your budget well
The cost of dresses and other accessories generally accounts for 6-15% of the wedding expenses. If the budget is more generous, you can customize a dress that suits your heart. Of course, renting a set to a wedding dress shop or a photo studio is also a good way to save a lot of money.

4. Select a location
The wedding dress shop and the studio are connected to one family. Where should I go to find your dreams? Generally speaking, the styles of the dresses in the large professional wedding dress shop are complete, the designers have rich experience, and the quality of the production is also reliable. You can also listen to the opinions of friends and colleagues who have recently held a wedding, and choose 2-3 of the places they recommend.

5. Make sure time
If you need to customize the dress, it is best to start picking one year in advance, and the shortest time is not less than 9 months, so the time will be more abundant. Because it takes about 4 months to design a wedding dress, and it is best to be delivered to your hand 2 months before the wedding, so that the nuances can be modified.

6. Find a staff
When choosing a dress, you must bring a staff member. It can be your mother or a friend. She should know everything about you and know what is best for you. You should pay attention to the following two points: First, make sure that she does not impose your opinions on you. Second, you can’t let your mom and friends accompany you to the streets, because everyone will let you try on her. Think that the most beautiful and the best dress for you, you will feel at a loss. In the day, not only is it exhausted, but it may be nothing.

7. Know yourself
The most important thing is to choose the style that suits you according to your body shape. When you go to the bridal shop for the first time, you can find one of the four most basic styles of princess, pettiskirt, close-fitting and queen, and you can quickly find out which style is best for you. . For the characteristics of the above four styles and the appropriate body shape, see the next page.

8. Size is appropriate
If your dress is not custom made, when choosing a dress, first of all, pay attention to the size of the most plump part of your body, such as: chest, waist or hips, and then see if other parts are suitable. Also note that it is advisable to choose a dress that is slightly larger. If it is big, it is easy to change it smaller, but it is not possible to make a piece of clothing bigger.

9. Expert opinion
To choose the one that suits you best, be sure to listen to the advice of the dress consultants and designers, because they have a wealth of experience and have made many brides the most dazzling stars at the wedding. Maybe you have a dress with the latest style, and she suggests that you choose a thin skirt with a thin shoulder strap. Maybe you are surprised by her opinion, but if you think about it carefully, you will find that the dress she recommends is the most. suitable for you.

10. Try on the dress
You may have chosen a dress that suits you, but you have neglected the try-on session. In fact, it is very important to try on the dress carefully, so that you can not only ensure that you are radiant at the wedding, but also make you look elegant and comfortable. Pay attention to the following points: Wear all the accessories such as headwear, necklaces and shoes to see if it is in harmony with your wedding dress? Can the dress make you move freely and always maintain a good posture? Try to sit down, raise your arms, bend over, hug and spin, and see if you are embarrassed when you do these postures. Does it feel too hot or too cold to wear? What is the weight of the skirt, and will standing for a long time make you feel exhausted? Is the smoothness of the various parts of the skirt scratching the skin? and many more……

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