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The Perfect Prom Dress

12th July 2017Karol Bonneville

Prom – romanticized by some, dreaded by others. Nonetheless, it is an important milestone in every teenager’s life. If you fall into the category of girls who dread prom events, then this guide is for you. Read below to find the perfect prom dress based on your body type and stun that guy you have been crushing on!

Prom Dresses Based On Your Body Type

Body types are not justified to the list below; some of you ladies might fall into two of the following categories. Fear not, in such cases, it so happens that the dresses suiting to both body types will flatter your structure. Read on to find the major body types of women and the suitable prom dress.

  1. Busty

The upper torso of this body type is larger than the waist. The body narrows down towards the hips. The key here is to draw attention to the face by choosing dresses that add curves to the hips and help define your waist. Show off your legs, but steer clear of too short a gown since they will just enhance the top-heavy look.

  1. Apple

This body type has very slim legs and heavy arms and middle. Try an A-line prom dress, or a maxi skirt to redefine your structure. If you love showing off your legs, then you can put on a high-low designer dress.

  1. Slender

This body type has a thin-frame with no curves whatsoever. An empire-waist, asymmetric neckline or a belted waist dress will add some shape to your frame.

  1. Hourglass

If you have this figure, then know now that every girl envies you and strives to get this shape. Most types of prom or evening dresses will suit you. Show off your amazing body!

  1. Pear

This body type has a well-defined waist with heavier hips. The goal here is to add volume to the upper body. Open necked dresses, strapless tops, A-line skirts, etc. Will work on your best.

  1. Petite

If you have this body type, then you are probably lesser than 5’3”. You will have to accent your height by showing some leg. Go for petite skirts, pleated dresses, slim fitting dresses, v-neckline dresses, etc. A pair of heels will also go a long way.

When you grow older and are a mom, you do not want to look back at your teen self and regret that you didn’t look right when you could have. Have the time of your life with the perfect prom dress. It’s healthy to look good!



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