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The bride asks the sisters to be bridesmaids to “put the medicine” to make them fat

12th June 2018Karol Bonneville

According to the cover news report, every bride should be the focus of the wedding day. A woman in Australia who didn’t want to be a bridesmaid’s sister took the limelight and took a radical action to secretly add protein powder to her sister’s food to make her sister fat. According to the British “Sun” report, the woman named Penny admitted in an interview on TV that she secretly let her two sisters (also her bridesmaids) get fat before marriage. The second-ranked Penny said that she and her sister Maggie and her sister Charlie are “super close”, but the competition between them is also very intense.

Penny said that she has always felt like the “middle child” “Jan Brady” in the famous family comedy “Braddy Family”, “hot and popular” Maggie And “cute and interesting” Charlie is sandwiched.

During the wedding preparations, the three girls lived with Penny’s fiance, Richie.

Preparing for the wedding was quite “stressful” and Penny began to “obsessed with every detail” – especially what her wedding photo would look like. “These things will always be on display at my home,” she explained. “Until I was on the last day of my life, I didn’t want to be reminded that I was just an ordinary sister.”

In order to make the sisters look “as ordinary as possible” on her big day, Penny asked the blonde-skinned sisters to wear neon-yellow bridesmaid dresses, “to make them look paler and more morbid.”

But this is not the worst thing she has ever done.

Penny also insisted on doing a “special weight loss milkshake” for her sister every morning. However, she adds three times the amount of protein powder to her sister’s milkshake, but she only eats fruit and coconut juice.

By the time she was in the wedding, the waists of the sisters became thicker and thicker, and the waist of the bridesmaid dress had to be changed.

Looking back at the wedding, Penny claimed that she did not regret it. “This day went very well and everyone was having a good time,” she recalls. “On the day I got married, I never thought that I was not the focus of everyone’s attention, nor did I think that I was not the most important person in the room.”

When she looked at the photos of her wedding day and saw her sisters “looking fat and tired” and she looked “light and radiant,” she sometimes felt “a guilty”, but she said she I feel very happy most of the time.

Fortunately, Maggie and Charlie have now lost weight successfully.

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