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Bridal Fashion: The best fit for your body shape

20th October 2017Karol Bonneville

Your shining moment is upon you. Wedding day is a milestone most girls look forward to their entire lives, and (hopefully) it’s a day they only get to have once. That wedding moment is extremely important, and many of us spend large chunks of our time planning every detail of the wedding.

As the bride, you are the centerpiece of this ceremony, and your wedding dress needs to be the best thing you have ever worn in your whole life. When it is this important, how do you choose the right dress? Which one will make you sparkle?

The answer lies in your body type. No matter what kind of body shape you have, there is a dress you will look great in. Let’s take a look at a few body shapes, so you will know where to look for the style meant for you, no matter where your body shape falls.

Have a few more curves than you’d like to admit?

If you are self-conscious about your weight and would like a slimming look, there are several options that will make your figure shine. A mermaid dress is both attractive and slimming. Both A-line dresses and empress line dresses will also take the eye off your waistline and up to where it is most important, your glowing expression.

Don’t have enough curves in any places?

If you are as flat as a school age boy, you may be wishing you had a little something (anything!) to put in that dress. For this type of body, look to a ball room style dress, with lots of full skirts to help give yourself the bottom half of the hour glass figure. For the top half, look for attractive accents along the top to achieve a better balance.

If you’re extremely bony, you’ll want to avoid off the shoulder designs that reveal an ultra thin collar bone. Instead, try cut outs on the back!

Lots of bust?

As with any feature, this all depends on how you feel about it. You can show off what you’ve got with a corset or a great bra, or minimize it with full skirts to create a balance. Remember though, that you probably don’t want this happy day to be memorized by one at all by any..well..embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. If you have a large bust, be sure to move around during measuring and make sure that however you choose to show your cleavage, it stays in place.

What ever your body figure, there is a dress that is right for you. Remember that regardless of the dress, this same great tip still applies: Be sure to get your measurements taken and bring them with you when you shop. A dress that fits will always look better than a dress that doesn’t! A badly fitting dress will hang in all the wrong places. Measurements are the key to success here, and will make your figure pop, no matter what body shape you have!

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