• Bridal Fashion: The best fit for your body shape

    20th October 2017 Karol

    Your shining moment is upon you. Wedding day is a milestone most girls look forward to their entire lives, and (hopefully) it’s a day they only get to have once. That wedding moment is extremely important, and many of us spend large chunks of our time planning every detail of the wedding. As the bride,…

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  • 5 Great Tips for the perfect bridesmaid dresses

    25th August 2017 Karol

    Don’t Let Bridesmaid Dresses be Your Wedding Woe Your bridesmaids aren’t just a fashion statement – they are your best friends. You have chosen these women to accompany you into the next phase of your life, and taking their unique body shapes and skin color into consideration is just as important as figuring out the…

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  • The Perfect Prom Dress

    12th July 2017 Karol

    Prom – romanticized by some, dreaded by others. Nonetheless, it is an important milestone in every teenager’s life. If you fall into the category of girls who dread prom events, then this guide is for you. Read below to find the perfect prom dress based on your body type and stun that guy you have…

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  • How to order from veradress.co.uk

    1st May 2017 Karol

    A short guide on the order process at Vera Dress If you haven’t yet, please take a few minutes and check our About Us, Guarantee and Sizing articles for an in detail look at our company and services we provide to our valued customers. We thrive to provide a great shopping experience to everyone. Categories…

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  • Which dress style fits your body type?

    2nd April 2017 Karol

    VeraDress Style Guide Let’s find out your body type and the dresses which will look fabulous on you! Fashion is all about dressing you according to the body proportions. Think about shape itself more than weight and height. Of course everyone is unique in his wonderful way, but in general, our bodies can be sorted…

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