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Men’s dress

11th May 2018Karol Bonneville

The dress can be divided into the first dress, the formal dress and the daily dress. The first dress, which is a special ceremonial and social costume, has a lot of red tape, with obvious old aristocratic temperament. The first dress can be divided into two kinds of tuxedo worn at night and a large dress worn during the day. * Tuxedo If you find the word “white tie” on the official invitation, then you should have a headache for the tuxedo. Men’s tuxedo is a men’s night dress, which is a formal wear for men after 18 pm. Due to its particularity, the form of the tuxedo is relatively fixed and belongs to a relatively well-recognized category. The color is mostly black or dark blue. The tuxedo is not buckled when worn, and only has a double-row six-button decoration in the front. Paired with the tuxedo: three-button or four-button square collar or blue-necked white dress vest inside the lower body; non-turned trousers with the same dress, decorated with satin noodles on both sides; worn inside It is a white bi-necked tuxedo with a “U” chest lining on the chest; a white bow tie; gloves and chest trim should be white: black socks and patent leather shoes. However, there are very few occasions to wear them except for state-level ceremonies, weddings, large band conductors, classical ballroom dance competitions, and the public relations of the luxury hotels (and usually at night).

The gown (morning dress) gown is a formal dress worn during the day, the same level as the tuxedo. This kind of clothing is relatively rare, and it is easy to mix with the tuxedo. The simplest way to know is that there is only one button on the waist of the front body. The color is silver and gray in addition to black. Paired with: double-row six-button collar vest, or general-style vest; white bi-wing or ordinary dress shirt; black gray or silver-gray tie, groom can also be a plain scarf-like Asker (ascot) scarf; gloves are white or gray; chest pockets are white; socks and shoes are black.

The gown is a ceremonial dress that is used to formulate occasions, such as the national inauguration ceremony, the ceremony of awards, and the command of large classical music during the day. However, in recent years, the dress has gradually been replaced by a black suit, but it is worth noting that it is large. Dresses should not be confused with tuxedos. The formal dress is a simplified version of the first dress. In modern grand occasions, people generally use them instead of tuxedos and gowns. They also have day and night. * Tuxedo suit is opposite to the tuxedo, this time on the invitation is the “black tie”. This tuxedo dress, which is used to replace the tuxedo, has a seasonal color. It is black or dark blue in summer, and white in summer. The style is similar to that of a tuxedo with a dovetail. It is called a summer Tasto dress. The style of the Tasto dress is similar to that of a common suit. The front door has a buckle and a round pendulum. The collar is in the same form as the tuxedo, namely: a crepe collar or a green collar. The texture is a satin fabric of the same color; the pocket is double-open. No cover. The need to wear a Tasto dress is: the vest is a “U” four-button dress vest with the outer coat, and often uses a cummerbund made of black silk fabric instead of a vest; the pants form the same with a tuxedo The shirt should be a white double-winged collar with a pleated gown shirt on the chest; usually with a black bow tie, but not required. It is a formal costume for formal banquets, dances, plays, awards ceremonies, cocktail parties after 18:00 in the evening. * Ordinary morning dress, a short version of the big dress. Its form is similar to that of a general suit. It is usually a single row of one button or two buttons. The collar is a shackle collar and the accessories are the same as the morning dress. It is a daytime dress for all kinds of formal occasions during the day.

Black suit For more formal and no specific requirements for wearing, you can wear a black suit for insurance, the requirements are relatively loose, you can have a little design. But as a dress, it still needs us to pay attention to the details: firstly it should be black, the accessories should also avoid too gorgeous colors, the form is more double-row four-button buckle collar, no cover double open line, Non-trousers with the top of the shirt, shirt with a common collar, with a chest fold or a general shirt, a black bow tie or a silver-gray tie, sometimes in the form of a double-row six-button buckle collar.

Dress coats There are two main types of dress coats: Chester coat and Bolu coat. * The Chester coat is a coat with a waist, and the dress jacket series is based on this. Its basic form is: single-row dark buckle, shackle collar, the lapels connected to it are black velvet material; the coat color is mainly dark; the left chest has a towel pocket, and the front has two symmetrical pockets with pockets. The overall structure fits, the length of the garment is below the knee joint, and the three buttons on the armhole are often used in combination with the Tasto dress and the black suit. * The Bolu coat is usually in the form of a double-row six-button, a large collar, a cuffed cuff, a button-fastening, a covered pocket with a lid, and a crepe line. The fabric is mostly woolen, color. Mainly camel. The modern Bolu jacket can have a more relaxed design in other aspects, except for retaining its cuffs, bright pockets and bright lines. The Bolu coat and the Chester coat form the basic range of men’s dress jackets.

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