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How to choose a dress according to your body and face?

20th April 2018Karol Bonneville

The body is tall and slender and wears any style. For those who are petite, you should avoid the skirt, choose a simple style, preferably A-LINEA or high-waist dress, which can stretch the legs.
Those who are more plump should wear a low-cut or open-back style. In addition to the advantages of full breasts, they can also stretch the neck. In addition, try a long-sleeved dress, or add a shawl to cover up the slightly thicker arms.
As for the slender body, the upper body should wear a little style, and the lower body can choose the style of the skirt. Because the thin arms have a small frame, it is best to choose long sleeves or fluffy sleeves. If you don’t like this type. The dress, I suggest you wear long gloves as a decoration, so that the whole person does not look too thin.
In addition to the figure, the face shape is also one of the reference elements for choosing a dress. People with a round face or a short neck are better with a drop shoulder, a low chest or a V-neck. People with a square face can try a V-shape or It is a peach heart collar style, should avoid the four-corner collar design; the inverted triangle face and the peach heart collar design do not match, you can choose the boat type or large round neck style; as for the cute duck egg face is much luckier, there is no special restriction.

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