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Fall Colors That Will Make You Pop

28th October 2017Karol Bonneville

Going out for a night on the town, or just want an excuse to buy yourself a gorgeous new cocktail dress? As the leaves exchange their mellow greens for the rich reds and fiery oranges of autumn, it is also time for us to exchange our spring prints and summer patterns for the warmer fall fashions.

Solid colors are in!

You don’t have to bundle up in voluminous long sleeved dresses just because there is a little frost on the trees outside. In fact, sleeveless is in. You will want to put those print dresses back in the closet and instead choose solid colors in black, cream, or bold colors that match your skin tone. Skin tones fall into three general color ranges. Warm, cool, and neutral.

If your skin is ‘warm’ you typically have a green or yellow undertone to your skin. These tones can be set off with colors ranging from red and orange to yellow. These colors will add life to your skin and give you a luminous glow.

If your skin is cooler, you have a bluish undertone for your skin. For you, blues and purples will best accent your skin and add that extra vibrancy.

If you have neutral skin color if you don’t seem to have any undertones, or you can’t figure out which one it is. If this is you, stick to colors in the middle of the color range, such as softer (but not pastel) greens, blues, and pinks.

Keep the accents to warm up your look

While the festive summer prints are gone, it is still okay to choose dresses with floral accents for a fall party. Choosing dresses with a little sparkle is a great way to leave a striking memory in your friends and colleagues for any occasion, but especially for those with a tighter dress code. Embellishments can really make a dress stand out, and are nothing to shy away from as the weather turns from warm and sunny to crisp and cool.

Trendy accents include bead work, and lace that set off the dress in creative ways. You can choose where to add embellishments on your dress to help draw attention to your best features. Add some to the top to draw attention to your face, down by the hip for a full sweep of your figure.

Don’t forget a wrap
While you may not need a cover-up to keep you warm inside the party, you’ll want to protect your clothing from the dreary weather outside as you head to and from the car. Fur or faux fur is an excellent compliment to a dress, but if you’d rather not use fur a well made shawl can really set off a fall outfit. Leave the denim jackets and trench coats at home. Regular outerwear isn’t appropriate for these parties at any time of year!

Putting a little thought into your outerwear can make your overall picture stand out, so don’t be afraid to choose two or three different wraps so you’ll have something to wear with every dress.

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