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5 Great Tips for the perfect bridesmaid dresses

25th August 2017Karol Bonneville

Don’t Let Bridesmaid Dresses be Your Wedding Woe

Your bridesmaids aren’t just a fashion statement – they are your best friends. You have chosen these women to accompany you into the next phase of your life, and taking their unique body shapes and skin color into consideration is just as important as figuring out the color scheme of the wedding.

We’ve all seen a bridesmaid that looked awkward in an ill-fitting dress, or perhaps washed out due to the wrong color. Luckily you can fix these with just a few simple tricks:

Make sure your bridesmaids get their dresses custom fitted

Making sure the bridesmaid’s dress fits for the wedding can be as simple as bringing the exact measurements of each bridesmaid. This can help eliminate poor fit right off the bat, and help them find a dress that flatters!

Consider breaking from the traditional matching dresses

These days it is becoming fashionable to let the bridesmaids have a choice in their dresses, choosing similar but mismatched styles, shades of the color scheme, or even simply different necklines. These differences can actually make your wedding more striking and memorable, while at the same time flattering your individual bridesmaids.

Keep a theme – even if the dresses don’t match

While your bridesmaid’s dresses might vary slightly in color or fabric, choose something they all have in common to make the group pleasing to the eye. This can be as simple as a matching accessory, or as critical as the color scheme and length of the dress.

Communication is key

Your bridesmaids are some of the people you value the most in your life. Make sure that they are comfortable with what you have chosen and that everyone understands what the theme and desired look is.

Consider the season

Summer weddings, sandy beaches, and other dynamic wedding venues are lovely. If you choose one of these events, take into account whether your bridesmaids will also need jackets or other accessories. Taking into account the weather or setting can make wedding colors have an even bigger impact.

Your bridesmaid’s dresses make a statement about the wedding, and have an important part to play in the color scheme, presentation, and overall mood of your wedding. Every choice you and your ladies make, from the fabric to the colors, will make a statement about your wedding. Despite their importance, choosing the right bridesmaid dresses doesn’t have to be stressful or time consuming project. It just needs a little planning, and a lot of communication.

If you’re not sure about your dresses, ask the store you are working with for guidance, and have your bridesmaid’s measurements ready so you can be sure of an excellent fit. Your wedding in the end should be about you, and your friends will be there to support you in it. Don’t be afraid to have fun while you’re shopping with them. Picking out the gowns is a memory you and your girls won’t soon forget, so relax and have a good time. Your dresses will be a great pick whether they are matching or alternatively styled!

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